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I can't see anything in the camera window. What is the problem?

In order to receive live images from the camera your browser needs to have Java installed. If you don't have the Java Virtual Machine you can download it here.

There is another possibility. Instead of installing Java you can try a web browser which is capable of server push technology. Such a browser is Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

As a final step you can select in the camera window which technology to use.

I am clicking the arrows, but I get the error message "You don't have control". Why?

You need to have control of the camera in order to change its direction. You can get control of the camera by clicking the hyperlink in the queue window. It is possible that you have to wait fo a while before you can control the camera, because other people might be in control at the moment.

Why are there two arrows for each direction?

The inner arrow moves the camera less, than the outer one.

Can I put a snapshot on my website?

Sure! All we ask you is to link back to our site.

    <a href="http://cam.utcluj.ro">

This will look as follows: